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Home Visit Fees

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Unlike other appliances you may buy for your home a gas fire is more complex to install and requires its infrastructure to function correctly, your “Gas Safe” registered installer must take into account prior to installation these criteria and include the following;

  • Correct flue system, i.e. Chimney etc, and the location of the property to the surrounding area.
  • The size of the room, and if additional ventilation is required.
  • The correct working gas pressure and pipe work, that is clean and free of obstruction.
  • The fret/decorative front should be the correct type and approved for use with the appliance All building and gas regulations are complied to prior to the installation and commissioning of the appliance

Validation of your installation covering the items above will be required prior to warranty service/repairer; there will be a fee for this. No other validation will be accepted by Sirocco. NO payment will be taken from your credit card prior to the home visit. In the event that the fire is at fault NO charge will be made for the home visit. If the appliance is not at fault you will be given the option of the repair being carried out on the fire for NO additional charge to the validation fee except for the cost of parts that may be required and the engineer will advice you the cost of these. We cannot rectify installation faults or any associated fault to chimney or infrastructure etc.