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Request a Service Call

Please complete the Service Call Request Form and upload, if you are unable to, a copy of your reciept and CP1 declaration certificate.

Then a Sirocco technical engineer will call you to discuss the issue and diagnose the possible fault and advise a premliminary course of action; give advice to assist with the use of a fire, identify faulty broken parts and arrange despatch of parts, give direction if diagnostic is an installation issue so that you can pursue this with your installer or arrange a home visit and direct you back to the website to complete the next part warranty claim process.

Unlike other appliances you may buy for your home a gas fire is more complex to install and requires its infastructure to function correctly, your "Gas Safe" registered installer must take into account prior to installation these criteria and include the following;

  • Correct flue system, i.e. Chimney etc, and the location of the property to the surrounding area.
  • The size of the room, and if addiontal ventilation is required.
  • The correct working gas pressue and pipe work, that is clean and free of obstruction.
  • The fret/decorative front should be the correct type and approved for use with the appliance all building and gas regulations are compiled to prior to the installation and commisioning of the appliance.