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Proudly supporting the Independent Trade Fireplace Specialists | Display deals now available

Service and Diagnostic Solution

Sirocco Fire's Maintenance Solution for Customers


Welcome to our dedicated service and diagnostic page, where we offer a convenient alternative to on-site gas engineer visits. Understand how you can maintain your Sirocco fire's performance and longevity with our comprehensive guide to this service.

Effortless Collection and Delivery

Effortless Collection and Delivery

Experience the convenience of our courier service, designed to make maintaining your Sirocco fire as effortless as possible.

For a nominal fee of £15.00 each way, we'll manage the collection and re-delivery of your fire tray/engine directly from your doorstep. Our courier will provide all necessary labels; you simply need to pack the item in sturdy cardboard, including any remote control devices for re-pairing.

Rest assured, in the unlikely event of loss, we'll provide a new fire tray at no additional cost.

Comprehensive Care for Your Fire

Comprehensive Care for Your Fire

For a fixed price of £75.00, our skilled technicians will perform a thorough service and diagnostic of your fire tray/engine.

This includes a complete strip-down, cleaning of all pipework, burner, and injector, and attempts to unblock/repair any damaged items. We'll even apply a fresh coat of anti-corrosive paint to the metalwork where needed.

Should any parts be beyond repair, we'll inform you promptly and, with your permission, fit replacement parts at no extra labour cost — you only pay for the parts themselves. Once serviced, your fire tray will meet the same rigorous testing standards as a newly manufactured unit, ensuring your unit is returned to you in factory condition.

12-Month Warranty

12-Month Warranty

Our service doesn't just end with the technical work; it extends to a full 12-month warranty from the date of testing. To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your fire, we ask that the following terms be adhered to:

  1. The tray must be refitted by a registered Gas Safe Engineer.
  2. The engineer must clean and purge the supply pipe (including the isolation valve) before refitting the fire tray.
  3. Use only high-quality batteries, such as Energiser, to ensure reliability.
  4. Regularly use your fire for 15 minutes every 10 – 14 days. This regular use helps prevent moisture and dampness, safeguarding the unit's electronics and keeping your chimney clear.

All prices quoted are subject to VAT

Ready to Schedule Your Service?

For any queries or to provide images of your fire for diagnosis, please contact us at or call on 0121 502 2233 10-3 Mon-Thu.

We're here to ensure your Sirocco fire continues to bring warmth and comfort to your home.

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